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Also, saying 4 out of 5 people who paid full price have quit the game (source?) therefore makes it a bad game is also totally ridiculous. There's quite a lot of people who habitually go from one MMO to the next. They hoover up the content and then go onto the next one. These in my opinion aren't gamers, they're MMO players. They invariably probably end up back at WoW because that game has had practically 8 years to refine and iterate on itself.
I agree with lots of what you said and particularly this bit about the locusts of the the MMO community apart from their reasons for going back to WoW.
I honeslty believe that they return to WoW after devouring 'the next big MMO' not because they think it's a particularly good game, else why would they be looking elswhere? They return simply because it is the game they are familiar with and feel comfortable in, complete with their multiple max level characers that they have invested an inordinate amount of time developing and guildies that they have spent many months/years with ************ about WoW.
Any new MMO would have to be something out of this world to keep their attention in any great numbers for any real length of time, if that was even possible!
Don't get me wrong I know this game has its faults and they will be the reason that a lot of players left the game but a noticalbe number of them will have came and went just following this MMO locust culture.