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I will repeat the fast fix for this is rating the gear and running only people who meet the rating in the PvP WZ as they pop. IE, I am in full recruit the gear has a numeric ranking of X, therefore I am going against folks with no more than 5 pieces of Battlemaster, after that it bumps up to the next rated gear groups and they are 6 Battlemaster pieces to all Battemaster, do one more with less than half War Hero gear rating and the final one at half War Hero and above and this is for Pug Groups only.

It is doable, WoW pulled it off relatively quickly in the arenas so the code is there. This way there is a progression in PvP, it will not overcome people in groups or people with healers when the other group doesnt have any and it will not overcome skill issues. However, it will seperate the folks who have skill from those who dont and say it is gear. Cause right now, I defy any of you folks saying cry me a river to show me some actual data that says Gear isnt what wins War Zones if the two teams are equal in communication, heals, and skill. To use some of your own words, listen cupcakes you are talkng tough to cover up the fact that you may be hiding behind your gear.

This would stop two issues, the folks who are getting stomped because they just leveled a new toon, it will also make sure that my higher level geared toons fight against competition. I enjoyed one that we lost by 10 points more than the Huttball we took 6-0 and racked up kill after kill there literally wasnt any competition, a healer and I held the middle I melted their entire team one at a time as they tried to get there and got healed so even two or three on one I took easily. My job grab the ball from the middle throw it to center where that player either ran it in or threw to the next team member. It was a assembly line and guess what it wasnt any challenge, it was a free win.

I worry that getting stomped like that may convince half of those other people to quit which with the state of the game all of us should be wanting to retain players as much as possible.
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