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From that page, "Collector’s Edition Store. At launch the Collector’s Edition Store will be available to those who have the Collector’s Edition of The Old Republic, and will feature items found nowhere else in the game! The Collector’s Edition will be stocked with exclusive social items for yourself, and unique appearances for your companion. The store will also have regular updates to give players incentive to keep coming back."
Honestly without the CE shop I would never have bought the CE box.

  • I don't care about the statue and honestly not only it looks and feels cheap but it doesn't even looks good.
  • The soundtrack isn't good either. More like some low budget movie than SW ones and no it does not feels SW at all.
  • There isn't even an art book.
  • The speeder is useless at tier II and III
  • The camera is just a print screen button that eats a quick slot spot.
  • The mini pet is available in game in other color

Someone could contact the BBB regarding the regular updates...
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