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Hey! After finishing my Jedi Guardian I wanted to create IA in DPS.
Word is going on that Sniper is great DPS and I know it, but I wanted to create Operative in DPS. Thing is It will be for PvE. I want to do on it KP HM, EV HM, EC HM, maybe even asation , but everyone keep telling me that Operative no matter in Lethality or Concealment is worst DPS as it can be for PvE. So it is sense in creating DPS PvE Operative or just leave that idea? :P
You can do it if you like and the raid leader has no problem with carrying you.
You can try to perfect your rotation which will indeed help but in the end there are much better dps choices than operative. Not only you are melee dps of 4m, you dont even have a viable gap closer like force charge or force speed on very short cooldown, even PT which has better dps than you burst and sustained has 10m effective range, and multiple 30m heavy attacks.

If you really want a DPS Imperial Agent, your friends are right, sniper is the way to go.
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