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10.06.2012 , 08:03 AM | #73
I haven't played hardly the past 2 months because I started a new job that has me rather busy then Madden 13 and NHL 13 came out and I have been playing those in my spare time :P

So the last time I logged in was after the last big server move so I can fix my characters about 2 weeks ago. Today I updated to the 1.4 patch because after reading the notes I thought it would be cool to try out. Seems I have the same issue you are all having with Crossfire stuttering frame rate and flickering map and mini map. Turning off shadows makes no difference. Turning off Crossfire is the only fix. I saw in the latest 1.4.0b patch that they fixed SLI but seems they have not fixed Crossfire yet.

Posting my whole DXDiag seems a bit overkill so I'll post my basic related specs:

Intel i7-3930K CPU
16GB DDR3 4 channel RAM
2 Visiontek AMD 6970 2GB graphics cards in Crossfire
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate SP1
AMD Catalyst drivers 12.8
AMD 12.9 CAP 1 Application profiles

I have no intention of going back to 12.1 drivers like the support guy suggested. It will only ruin other games. I think its funny how support always tells to make sure you have the latest drivers on everything everytime you complain about and issue and now they want you to go back 7 versions :P.

Prior to patch 1.3 everything worked great with Catalyst 12.8. Maybe the Devs should use a newer driver build when they are creating new content. After all 12.1 is months old, like beginning of the year old or end of last year even possibly.