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10.06.2012 , 07:48 AM | #4
yeah Ive done some 5 min runs and used different set ups bouncing between the 285 acc, 235 crit, 285 setup and a 100% acc setup and one where I drop acc to 98.52% but boost my crit mult up to 77.42%. the acc/crit build is spikey as hell Im getting parses from 1600-1900...the 100% acc build is giving me something a bit more consistent at around 1750-1850...the 98.52% acc +77.42% crit mult build is slightly off giving me 1775-1875 parses, but all these parses are under what I was doing before the patch. It's frustrating to see that I have upgraded 2 barrels 2 mods and 3 armorings and seen my dps go down.
As it stands right now the most noticeable breaks bioware did to us with the latest patch are as follows.
#1 Unload is not fully functioning for dual wielders. I am either getting 4/6 shots or sometimes on rare occassions it is actually giving me the full shots but its very very rare. so 2 of my offhand shots aren't even happening on most uses.
#2 Barrage proc does not seem to be giving the 25% boost to Unload when it procs anymore. As a result I have seen my max hit unloads drop from just under 4.2k crits to around 3.8k...though occassionally it actually does seem to work as every now and then I get a 4.1-4.2k crit but not nearly as often as I used to.
#3 Tracer lock does not seem to be giving the dmg boost to rail shot everytime...again the dmg is all over the place with this one as I have seen rail shots range anywhere from a 3.3k crit to a 4.9k crit (I might be hitting a DR here from having slightly elevated surge but still testing).
#4 Our 4 piece set bonus that reduces heat cost of rail shot by 8 does not seem to be working (maybe 50% of the time but thats being generous). As a result I am now having heat issues during my rotation and having to use more rapid shots to prevent overheating. As a result of this my dps is of course dropping.
Now for 2-4 I could just be getting some nutty RNG issues, but its becoming clear the more I test that stuff is broken. All these dmg results posted are from self testing on an operations dummy in my ship.