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Digital Deluxe Edition. FEMALE ONLY set of armor. Completely useless to me.

And just because the CE vendor wasn't updated you believe you're entitled to a lifetime sub or pay less than everyone else? The CE vendor was a side bonus. The physical contents are what the CE is actually for.

And on top of all that...
Collectors Edition holders receive an additional 1000 cartel coins, on top of the coins you get for your active subscription.

Let's sum it up.
You get an awesome statue, a soundtrack and God knows what else.
You get access to an exclusive vendor in-game, with a really cool set of armor.
You get 1000 free cartel coins on top of the normal rates, at F2P.
And you're still complaining?

Pucker up and play the game, or unsub, and let your CE go to waste. Your call.
You have a nice way of putting things.
Are you quite happy to let bioware say one thing, take your money, then not bother? I bought a ce solely for the vendor. While I'm not asking for lifetime subs etc, I do want them to update the vendor regularly, with exclusive items. That's what they said they would do.