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10.06.2012 , 07:17 AM | #24
Bioware is making a lot of changes to make it eassier for the newer players, but they totally forget about the players who have been upping their skill, level and legacy all these months. What you have worked hard for to get, now gets undermined by all these adds and the lowering of legacy perks. Like the fast travel perks (BH, Tatooine etc), they are not really usefull anymore now, since you can take a shuttle to any daily planet, why did I even have to buy those perks, if I can take a shuttle to every daily planet now ? They should at least have added extra things for the people who were far along with these things, but Bioware only looks at one side of the story it seems and doesn't think of the impact, some changes have in the game imo. They are killing the experienced community very fast that way, I hear a lot of people, who are thinking of moving on to other games, if it's gonna be like this. myself included, I'm sorry to say, cause I really like this game, but they are tweaking it to death, like ME3. I'm not saying everything is bad, the new raid is cool (allthough way too hard on SM imo) and I like the new Force mend power, which is really usefull for a sage, but the lowering of legacy, the shuttle and the server consolidation for example, are all bad ideas. And I agree, the crafting has been a lot less fun lately too, it doesn't work correctly anymore. My reverse ingeneering succesrate has dropped a lot since 1.4, it's not even worth the creds and patience anymore ! It's a real shame, how they are breaking up the game and community like this, I hope they listen to the people and will get their act together soon !
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