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The simple fact that a lot of people still playing the game don't seem to understand, is that 800,000-900,000+ players have left the game since release and mainly because of PvP. Another simple fact is that whomever has been in charge of the PvP changes made since 1.2, clearly should never have gotten the job in the first place. These people are so out of touch with what the vast majority of people want it's not even funny. What's even worse is that the changes that need to be made to retain/get back these players are not only very simple, but would not be a detriment to the game in the slightest.

After spending A LOT of time reading the forums at work these last couple of weeks, and after speaking to a couple of old guild members who no longer play who were never active in the forums , the general consensus is as follows;
  • People want to be competitive within a reasonable amount of time. That means getting full WH in a reasonable amount of time. 2+ months of normal play doing NOTHING but PvP on ONE character is not reasonable...
  • People want to be able to enjoy multiple classes competitively.
  • People want to be able to enjoy multiple specs which means getting multiple pieces of gear.

This is all common knowledge as I'm sure Bioware were made aware on peoples exit surveys. I certainly gave them my piece of mind when I first un-subscribed. But not only that, this is all common sense! Who wouldn't want to enjoy this great game in such a way?

The very first point in that list is what put me and my friends off and no doubt most others. That point is the most critical for PvP in this game as it has a knock-on effect on everything else, most importantly peoples enjoyment of the game. I'm flabbergasted Bioware has not yet done something meaningful about it. I've been back for a couple of weeks now trying my best to complete my daily PvP quests every day, tearing it up in WZ's with my guildy's, and I've earned such a pitiful amount of Ranked Commendations it's just sad. I feel like for the next couple of months I have no choice but to do NOTHING but PvP on that ONE character if I want to get full WH before next year. And to top it off nobody wants to do Ranked at all which further exacerbates the issue. How depressing is that...

I can't play my alts - I can't do PVE.... Don't get me wrong I COULD, but not if I want to see full WH on my main before Christmas.

I'm not going to sit here and list "constructive feedback" that would help save the game, that has been going on since 1.2 and if it hasn't worked by now, when will it ever? It's very rare to see games of this calibre fail based on bad decisions alone, yet SWTOR will forever go down in history as being the one MMO that failed because they consecutively hired the wrong person to do the job. They were sitting on a gold mine, and they utterly squandered it by making bad decision after bad decision. They can blame the industry all they want, but this has nothing to do with the industry I can assure you and anyone with half a brain knows it. This was all human error, and it could have been averted if only whoever was making the decisions swallowed their pride and LISTENED to people in the various forums/blogs who are actually in touch with the player-base and its needs.

When are Bioware going to hire someone who "gets it" to turn this game around? It needs to happen before FTP that's for sure or people will come back because it's free, realise how terrible it still is to gear up and then quit again. I'm sure that's not what Bioware wants, but it will happen I can assure you unless they make gearing up through PvP less of a chore before FTP.