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10.06.2012 , 06:09 AM | #3
I would like to start out by saying that it is an amazing font that youíve created, and that the ligatures are an amazing tool, which works wonders for the entire thing.
This font alone has enabled me to change an entire 61 page text into Aurebesh, and thereby I have learned to read it just as speedily as anything else.
For this I thank you.

However, I do have two small things, which I will urge you to take an extra look at:
First and foremost: The numbers of your font. I have tried to find out where you got them, but Iím drawing a blank. They are certainly different from the ones in this article:
I am curious as to where you found them, and I do by no means proclaim them wrong. I am simply curious as to which signs are canon.
Secondly: When using the Italics, in order to use the inverted capitals, the inverted capitals appear fuzzy. I think this would be relatively easy to fix, as one would simply have to re-render the fuzzy letters into sharper ones, resembling their un-inverted counterparts.

Two simple suggestions :D

Still amazing work!

Thank you :D