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Quote: Originally Posted by earthtoearl View Post
In one of the matches they had a team total of ONE death.
Not really evidence of anything other than being massively outplayed. I've been beaten - and won - with ZERO deaths in randoms, without cheating, just because one team was so much better than the other. Being experienced, organised and good makes you that much better than a gang of fresh-50, undergeared newbies.

Quote: Originally Posted by TheBigGregski View Post
Something reaaaaaly weird happened yesterday in a huttball : on two different occasion the ball carrier in our team was killed in the middle of the Pit, followed by an INSTA-SCORE for the opposing team.
Wasn't there so hard to say. I've killed people in the pit miles from me while I stand in the endzone before - followed by me scoring a second later. Dots are fun for killing people unexpectedly. Basically, if you're getting damaged in your pit, get rid of the damn ball immediately and don't risk an enemy in a scoring position getting it when he kills you. Aside: a lot of people seem to think they need to walk the ball out of their endzone/pit when just spiking it to reset in the middle is easily better. I've spiked it, zoomed to mid (yes, there should have been people there, there weren't, it was that kind of game), and picked it up ahead of everyone else fighting behind to score before.

I've also seen a bug reported where a player scores as soon as he receives the ball - could have happened if a player with this bug got the ball when he killed your guy.
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