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So let me get this straight:

You took a tool that could either function as a push or as an escape, and turned it into something can only push, and it's better?

First, the fact that you can do that with the cone and not the 360 is a matter of skill on your part. You claim that it takes more "thinking" to use this, but it doesn't. It took a lot more thinking to correctly use the 360 to knock peeps where you wanted them to go. What this does, instead, is make it very easy to push people directionally, but zero utility when you are being swarmed or hit from two directions.

PvE that's senseless, because the only real use for it was to blast though packs of trash when soloing or knock away enemies in FP/OP long enough for a tank to regain aggro. PvP that's senseless, because now your defense tool is directional, and in playing PvP I see ZERO people able to keep that Mara off their back now. I have yet to see anyone going on about how "good it is" now actually agree to PvP to demonstrate this vaunted improvement.

Because you can't. Oh it has more utility at pushing, so it's better for the best players, but you've screwed over the casuals who , y'know, make up most of the population and pay the bills for this trainwreck.

Leave all that aside. You think it should have been changed because it irritates you when someone does "splody stuff" in a mob of trash (I presume in an OP, because if you get enraged at random people during solo PvE....)

I can't think of a more asinine and ridiculous reason than this to nerf anything. Can we nerf DPS who rip threat off the tank? Can we nerf tanks showing up in DPS spec and gear?

The OP has a very good point -- and I reiterate a point I raised when this happened that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has met with anything approaching logic.

NO ONE ASKED for changes to Sorc / Sage of this nature. NO ONE COMPLAINED. PVP forum asked for FIXES to all the stunlocking, nerfing down Maras and PT and OP's and mirrors, and some more tools for Troopers/BH. We got an anti-fix for stunlocking that has just lead to MORE stunlocking, nothing done about the OP classes at ALL, and nerfs we didn't even WANT along with some good tools for Trooper/BH.

Again, just because you love BW does not mean everyone does, and the fact that you like their change doesn't invalidate the fact that lots of people don't.
I as well like the change and my main is a sourc. How can it not be used as a push or escape as a cone? If someone is giving chase how hard is it to turn around for a split second to knock them back? I'll tell you not very hard even at FPS's in the teens. The thing is before the change you saw ZERO people able to keep mara's off their back and it's still just as hard, not ANY harder.

As far as PVE goes since mobs tend to want to stand in front of you it's a non issue. If you get jumped by mobs from behind you while fighting it's easy to take a step backwards to knock them forwards or to spin around to knock them back.
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