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Well it seems you should educate yourself on more then just the game - this is not your forum its biowares, its a thread opened by you in this forum. To add to this you opened it in the GERMAN forum, not the english one.

Btw thanks for the rage on your pm, it was hilarious.

To answer your question,I guess I should since nobody else bothered to answer your well formulated and nicely asked question, no planet has pvp armor. There are some traders located at your "home" planet (Alderaan or Dromund Kaas), but normally people buy their pvp-armor at the fleet spacestation (Zayne Carrik Station or Vaiken Spacedock). I guess your next question would be where to find them on the station - open your minimap (m) and look, the section you are looking for is called Combat Training. Ferget it, just head to the traders located in the northeast (Vaiken Spacedock) or southwest (Zayne Carrick Station)

The armorsets sold on the planets scale with the planets level, so every planet has a new set, more powerful than the one before because its higher level.

Lastly I would like to point out that I still find it hilarious to come to the wrong section of the forum, posting a clearly not thoughtthrough question and closing it with a signature about you not wasting your teachings on the weak. Thatīs really something. Thanks.
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