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I understand the changes for PvP, but I wish the changes had been limited to PvP. As it stands, cryo-grenade and force stun have become completely useless in PvE. These are ranged classes. Force wave, which was my healer's "oh crap, I'm getting mobbed!" maneuver now no longer works that way. The new mechanic has it's own uses, but having to run away from the mob that *always* heads straight for the healer in an op while trying to intensively heal generally causes problems. Sages can't run and heal very well. It does work rather well to send part of the mob flying to the tank, however.
Give me a a break, as a Tank I HATED the Sorc's 360 AOE Knockback, made it harder to tank and as a DPS'er like gunslinger there is nothing more irritating then Sorc's using there knockbacks on a group of mobs right as your dropping your AOE attack which then misses everything because the stupid sorc just knocked everything out of the AOE target area.....

Besides the AOE is not going to save you for very long, it knockbacks the mobs for what a couple seconds then it's on CD and all the mobs are all over you again.... If anything your 360 AOE Knockback just grab even more aggro as all the mobs you just knock back including the ones that were not aggroed on you are now all over you...

If anything the AOE knockback was a terriable skill in a group... Makes the tanks job harder and DPS'ers hate it....
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