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This is a really far out idea, but what about a map that separates the team into two sets of four (the team gets to choose how that will be split up), and one team races down to a lower level to cut the power on doors, and the other team pushes through the doors disabling crucial systems for a ship (for example). It would be a variation on Voidstar, with the same number of doors and in-between objectives, but each team would either be responsible for doors or objectives. There would be an attacking phase and defending phase, just like in VS now.
Kinda like, the team in the bottom have to turn a switch on, which would open a door above for the team to progress through the first door on the upper level, beyond that door is a switch to open the bottom level's first door. This would encourage heavily for teams to work together better, I get the feeling this would be utter mayhem for PUGs.

Crashing Destroyer:

This has happened so many times in each of the Class Stories. You're on a large ship and you need to get off it as it's about to blow up.

The hook for this WZ is that there are only a limited amount of working escape pods, and the only available escape pod room is on the other side of the ship.

The mechanics of this WZ could be similar to Voidstar except that there are 2 attacking teams trying to get to the 'datacore' (Escape pod room). The final section of the WZ could be the first team to seal off the room full of escape pods to beable to have them all for themselves.
I like this, an idea I'm thinking of is it would be kind of like a king of the hill battle, where maybe at the end of the match, there are 6 escape pods to a small area, whoever is the last player in that area wins, unless there are none of the other faction. This would be interesting because four Imps and 2 pubs could take the pods. Oh how exciting that would be, heh..