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I bet this is how the stun range reduction happened.

1-We need to reduce stuns
2-What if we were to reduce stun range?
1-Yeah I dont know, they're currently being used by the weakest classes in the game.
2-Doesnt matter, let's to it anyway. They can always re-roll

Now, resolve changes:

1- We still havent figured out a way to seperate pugs from premades so the pugs are complaining about getting stunlocked to death.
2-Easy solution, let's make it so that it's equally easy for pugs to stun people to death.

1-I just noticed that no one has ever complained about the FW/OL knockback. Well other than that it's not instant of course. How are we doing on that by the way?
2-Yeah it's weird that everyone is satisfied with it. Let's just change it. I mean, we still want this game to be dead by January, right?
1-Let's make it a cone. I mean, we've done everything we can to keep those 6K eating, cloth wearing bastards out of warzones but they still don't get it. so this might be the final straw.
2-Hold it, let's buff smash while we're at it, just to make sure.
1-Good point. They're stupid if they don't get the message this time.
Wow, it is as if you were in the room for the decisions. I can't imagine that conversation happened any differently.

*Edit: People need to stop bringing up the crappy self heal that gets wiped out in one hit in pvp, and does not make up for ruining overload in pve.
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