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I can stand in that smash and only takes 20-25% of my health if i hit a d/c it does less than 10 sooo.. its faceroll
Ok Ive seen some 21k or so mara going down when hit by that Cyclone, so I assumed it still hits pretty hard lol What gear and what spec are u? Maybe with 25 K hp and 52 percent dmg reduction the odds have significantly changed for me now haha

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I am not an elitist, this is my first MMO, almost a year, but I am still learning. I do however consider the nerf to LI and SM EC ridiculous. Why does everything in the game have to be easy mode? I like a little challenge. I like the risk of dying once in a while. Now EC SM does not really bug me, since have already been there done that, but LI does. I do 6 days of mind numbing healing in HM FP, why can't I actually have one day of a little challenge? What drives me even crazier, I was the worse healer ever the first 2 times I did HM LI, I swore I would never go back, but guild needed a healer so I reluctantly went for more abuse. 3rd and 4th were better and before I knew it we were one shotting the entire thing, but I still knew not moving fast enough or someone missing an interrupt meant possible death. It just always felt like I accomplished something when we finished, like I earned those comms. Now it will just be like every other HM FP, go spend some time there collect my comms. They just will not feel earned.
Word, brother! It was that little feeling of having accomplished something others obviously cant. And yeah, its my first MMO too and I easily could dps and tank this fp after 2-3 days. Its just requires a little practice and some brains to actually learn the game mechanics. But people are so lazy. They go to that instance and dont even bother to figure out strategy, get owned big time by that ridiculous droid and go crying in forums how overtuned the instance is. Pretty laughable imo
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.