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See this post? Just one of MANY posts like it. All this post does, is adds to my point. There are a ton more where this came from, both on these boards, in game and on private boards.
In many you mean a few like you, as many of the QQ'er you see that post out the same stuff over and over in game, on here and on other boards are more than likely the same people, like you that visit all those places to QQ... the actual percentages of players posting here or elsewhere is a drop in the ocean really.

How many people have to quit out of frustration before people finally listen? There are a ton of games out there that no longer exist, because the Developers would not listen to their community. Next thing you know, all the people who "QQed" left, leaving the game strictly for the "Fine like it is, I like it" players...which sadly as not enough to keep the game afloat.
Whilst this game has it issues with sub retention, I think you might be suprised how many of the continual QQ'er that say they are quitting cos of "X" nerfbat hitting their one trick pony toons.. simply dont quit they just slide under a stone waiting for the next thing to QQ about. I've been there, I have posted my fair share of posts iterating my dislike of certain aspects of this game... but I am still here.
Sure many have upped and gone, too many if I am honest, to the point it has stung the game hard so early on, but not because an ability has been changed or tweaked here and there ...

Sad...I am sitting here, watching my favorite game of all time die, this is Rome all over again. We watched other games die for this very I have to sit and watch this one die too. History repeats itself yet again. Even after this game has died out completely...nobody will learn a lesson from it. They will simply migrate to another game and repeat the same process all over again. This saddens me...
Lol because of a rebalance or nerf to an ability that really isn't all that different except maybe visually.. cmon stop with the over dramatising please... if you think this game will fail because of this or similar things, then you really aren't what I would call an MMO player and perhaps console games might suit you better... in a month this will simply be forgotten just like the other abilites in SWTOR or other games that have been rebalnced/nerfed.. sure the ones that are lazy and dont want to take the time to work out how to use the changes might leave but I would hazard a guess that the vast majority will simply move on and learn to deal with it... this game has much bigger issues that see subs decline than this .
Like you said it isn't / wasn't broken and animation aside isn't really that different but it requires players to relearn how to use it effectively but more importantly for other players in the group to learn how to work with it.. that is not a Bioware issue, that is a player issue.
The same thing could be said about general CC's and AoE's being used when engaging the same group of mobs.. I will guarantee there will always be someone that forgets what advantage CC'ing mobs has in and happily goes about firing an XL-Freighter or"name AoE here" which now sets off an addition 3 or 4 mobs at them and then foolishly calls out the healer for not doing their job apparently.... balance and nerfs are introduced for a reason, and game mechaincs are always being tweaked here and there. Be happy BW actually told you up front, some games just do it regarless.. or worse allow the game to continue to be out of balance, stale and unchallenging...

Bottom line some players like to feel secure that their one tricky pony is ubersauce many others enjoy games that challenge them to learn their class, their abilities and limitations.. balance keeps that process from drying up imo.
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