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And my only complaint for VG/PT and Juggernaught/Guardians is simpy a tank class should not be doing 5-7k hits on me and still be hard as hell to kill. If they are going to be a have the defense of tank than lower their dmg if they are going to do the dmg of a dps then lower their defense. Right now it takes too long to try to kill them as a class that is supposed to be a dps class.
Not this nonsense again!

Focus Guardians/Rage Juggernauts are not tanks. Look at that effing Rage/Focus tree in a skill calculator. They have zero damage reduction talents, zero mitigation talents. Heavy armour provides negligible advantages compared to medium armour. They have one defensive cooldown, on a 3-min CD. Guardian/Juggernaut TANKS, actual tanks, will NEVER hit you for 5-7k unless you're a fluffy little teddy bear accidentally wandering into the Pit.

Assault Vanguards aren't tanks either. They have on defensive cooldown; they have almost zero mitigation or damage reduction talents; they don't even have Leap as an escape tool. Again, actual Vanguard tanks will never do 5-7k hits on you.

TL; DR: Lolsmashers no be tanky-tanky. They be squishy lil' deeps. They be squashed like little bugs if snipy Sniper snipes them good.