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Quiet, he's a pvper. He won't understand.
And you must be.... a PvE'er... see what you opened with that ridiculous line.

The game does not limit anyone to one side of that equation and the abilities that are provided with each class have a global requirement in the game.. unless you would like BW to close both PvP and PvE so that they can redesign it to suit your childish wimms.

Balancing a game is never easy, never often liked by any or all and is never completely finished. Any experienced MMO player understands that balance is constanly evolving as gear, content, tactics and playstyles evolve so SWTOR is no different to any other MMO out there, or show me one that doesn't balance and rebalance from time to time.
I am not really a PvP player but totally understand the reasoning behind the rebalancing.. do I like it? - not really but does it make the game unplayable? - No.

At worst all you have to do is relearn how to use the ability or swap tactics.
Either way to have a game that has an ability doing one thing in one environment and another in another is simply not feasable and a silly idea.

Nerfs happen for a reason, deal with it or ---->>>> EXIT
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