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Let's not lie to the man about "top tier performance levels"

any of the tanks are virtually identical at the highest levels in terms of survivability. What will stand out to your buddies during TFB HM or something is if you make a mistake. PT are the easiest to avoid mistakes but with a little practice the other tanks aren't that bad. Jug is the worst at "top tier performance levels" because it receives the most micro for very minimal mitigation returns and shockling bad threat generation

. Still if you are experienced and competent enough to tank ofor your raid on one class you could be competent enough to do it on another class. You will probably wipe your squad half as much on powertech since you can keep a better eye on the overall fight and situation but it's the difference between maybe 3% of your squads wipes and 6%.

To answer the original thread starter. There will never be a time where your PT isn't good enough when equally geared with another tank. There are some times when the assassin is not good enough for the basic content (crusher of foremans cannot be reliably solo tanked by an assassin tank for instance because they suck too much). The jugg is kind of sucky and complicated but it can still handle the same stuff as a PT.

That said there are a few fights where the assassin will require the healers to only cast 49 heals on them while the powertech will require 50. That's rarely the straw that broke the camels back. As far as tank responsibility goes, tank error will be why your party wipes because of you. Almost always if you get killed while tanking without an error then it's a either a DPS error that is bogging down the healers or a sequence of straight up healer errors.