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See this post? Just one of MANY posts like it. All this post does, is adds to my point. There are a ton more where this came from, both on these boards, in game and on private boards.

How many people have to quit out of frustration before people finally listen? There are a ton of games out there that no longer exist, because the Developers would not listen to their community. Next thing you know, all the people who "QQed" left, leaving the game strictly for the "Fine like it is, I like it" players...which sadly as not enough to keep the game afloat.

Sad...I am sitting here, watching my favorite game of all time die, this is Rome all over again. We watched other games die for this very I have to sit and watch this one die too. History repeats itself yet again. Even after this game has died out completely...nobody will learn a lesson from it. They will simply migrate to another game and repeat the same process all over again. This saddens me...
Sadly you are falling into the most common rut of most people. Waiving evidence that supports your case in peoples faces while burying and ignoring evidence that refutes it. This "nerf" will only chase away those who were most likely going to leave anyway. They are already dissatisfied with the game and just needed a little push. The new players will not know a different play style, so there will be no problem there. All this adds up to is a bunch of people angry that their little "cheat" was discovered and shut down. Too bad.

Life and this game goes on...
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