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Name: Rolthan Hurscarr
Tittle: The True Mandalore
Species: Human cyborg
Age: 32
height: 6`6"
weight: 24 stone
hair: colour Blond
eye: colour blue
cybotic implant`s: kolto injector`s and nanites to help heal
Primary weapon: A large vibro axe, which when hits sends a stun charge down as well.
Secondary weapon: A mandlorian disruptor
Other weapons: A wrist blaster, Grenades, One big rocket mounted on his jetpack.
Other equipment: a jet pack, and personal power sheilds
Armour: beskar'gam, with helmet of a mandalore
background: he is a vetran of geonosis glaidiator contest proven time and time again as one the best axemen in the galaxy. He grew tried of this new mandalore, trying to sell his birthright of war and battle. To the republic, so he fromed a splinter group, with help of imprerial intelligence he ready to make his move. The truth though he is not just another Imperial lacky, he is own man and truely wish`s to lead his people to greatness. Forge a mandalorain empire which rivals both the empire and the republic. He no long wants his people to be just, pawns in game chess. He want`s them, to be truly great again.