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10.06.2012 , 01:41 AM | #178
This week, over several late nights a Imp guild was running premades. In one of the matches they had a team total of ONE death. Even in other matches players would get 30 to 60 kills and no deaths or maybe one. 3 or 4 enemies attacking just one, with no healer around, and could not take one down; repeated self heals while in battle. Their speed hacking was obvious but how they would not take damage, almost like god mode, was suspicious.

I normaly love PVP but the way it has been going I am starting to look at other games that are more balanced.

In any case PVP as it is can not be balanced when you have PUG groups with low gear facing premade guilds with top gear. Throw in a little cheating here and there and it becomes hard to have fun.