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10.06.2012 , 01:23 AM | #96
Just dropped Kephess on HM. The droid mechanic is not too difficult if people are decent at coordinating interrupts, but it's one more piece to a fight that obviously has a lot of mechanics. The best way we found to down the droids was to put three DPS on the first droid in the kill order, a tank and a DPS on the second and a tank and both healers on the third. Everyone rotates interrupts. It is helpful if you have a Sentinel or another class with multiple or low cooldown interrupts, but it can be done even without it. Once you get the first one down, the second one should have no more than two stacks, and none if you put a Sentinel/Marauder there with two interrupts. You can also keep the third one from getting any stacks. You have some room for error. As long as they don't get over four stacks, DPSing them is fairly manageable. At six or more, it gets really slow. If you are coordinating in vent or teamspeak or whatever and calling out who has the next interrupt, it isn't too difficult.

One thing that is killer is lag. If you get a lag spike, it's easy to miss an interrupt.