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Species: Cathar
Name: Catrina Nets
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Allegiance: Republic
Profession: Jedi
Garments: Jedi Robes
Primary Weapon: Force.
Secondary weapon(s): Two lightsabers.
Miscellaneous item(s) (Optional): Holocron
Personality (Optional): Wise. Kind and considerate. In the heat of battle, she can be very serious. But she is always willing to play and teach someone, young an old.
Background: On Cathar, she played with the Force. She never knew it was much more important that a toy. When Jedi came to her home, they found They took her under their wing and taught her about the Force. It intrigued her. She never stopped learning about the Force. She studied about it and read many books.
"While the sacrifices are many, we fight knowing them. And a single spark of Courage, can ignite the fires of Hope, to restore Peace across the Galaxy."