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Asania: My Chiss bounty hunter. Her name was originally Alaina, before I changed realms/servers/whatever. I had been watching the Legend of Korra at the time, and there was a character named Asami. I just kinda rolled with that and changed some lettering.

Amotak: My Chiss sith warrior. The brother of Asania. I was watching LoK at the time I made him (or rather, the bad guy just blew up, and the season ended). The villian, named Amon in his masked form, and Noatak in his unmasked form, reminded me a bit of the Phantom of the Opera (which I LOVE) so I comined the villians names.

At one point, I had an agent named Daaé, after Christine Daaé in Phantom of the Opera, but I got bored with the agent story.
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