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Yeah, probably cuz I don't respect you. My respect is very difficult to obtain. And no I'm not a troll, trolls don't have Honor or even know the meaning of the word. It's very extremely rare to meet a person online that has honor so I defaultly expect you not to.
I am a very honorable person. I try to be respectful in everything I say and do. And, unlike you, I expect people to have some sort of honor. Honor is not hard to find. You just have to look in the right places. But even online where people are anonymous, I expect them to be respectful. It's the right thing to do.

Even though you don't respect me, I respect you. You can call me the scum of the earth and I'll respect you. Because it's your opinion. I respect you and your opinion. No matter how greatly it differs from my own.

EDIT: After reading through these past posts, I can understand how I could come off as rude and I apologize. It's just that I have debated the topic of Revan so many times that I got really tired of it. I didn't expect my comment to draw an argument. Plus it was almost midnight and I wasn't thinking clearly so I apologize again. Anyway, we have derailed this thread enough. Since Revan will most likely make a return, what do you think he will do?
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