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10.05.2012 , 10:30 PM | #42
All my toons are Lightside...though i do tend to make Darkside options when i feel it fits (or i'm in a bad mood lol)
As for my Imp toons they think the empire is better morally than the rep due to propaganda, the emperor, and being raised imp, but by the time they finish their last class quests, they see the empire as the evil thing it is, and wish they could defect... but the big floaty ghost head called Bioware says they can't so they grudgingly stay imp

Wish our own toons could be companions, i could make my Sith Mara, and shadow the padawan of my sage and Guardian trooper could use my snipers intell+join havok, and my smuggler could team up with my Bounty hunter and smuggle goods for the rep, and take out bounties on wanted Imps

Though i just noticed i'm a bit off topic by now so i'll shut up now....err stop typing
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