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Actually. He shouldn't be in this game at all. And no it wouldn't be a failure. This game is about the 8 character classes. They squeezed Revan is to bring in more Revan fanboys (like you) to get more subs and more $$$. He is not the Wolverine of Star Wars, far from it. He is not respected. Look at the Sith of this time. They have no repect for him. Maybe for the fanboys his name means Star Wars god, but he is truthfully unimpressive. Compare Revan to any character during this time and Revan is a chump. Revan is dead. Shouldn't have even been in the game, but he's dead now. Finally.
I'll take a popcorn now. I love to see both fanboys and haters in the same Thread!!!

Oh, and for OP. I don't know, maybe he'll come back again, maybe not, but one thing I know... NO ONE (besides the devs) KNOWS whats gonna happen with his fate. We have to enjoy ourselves seeing the war in this threads, it's so funny for both sides!!