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You do understand that the combo mentioned earlier will bring down most players to 30% hp ? That is not burst?
Yes it's burst ofc.
Burst dps is not necessary XXXX damage in 1 single shot rather usually refering to ones ability to deal a large amount of damage in a short frame of time.

Why people say Tankasins are "bursty", properly specced and WH geared they can open you up with a energized shock with recklessness for 5k, chain shock procs will add about 2500, then followed by a 3 stack Force Lightning that ticks for 2200 damage per second over 4 ticks over 3 seconds. That's a tank "bursting" you for 16000 damage in 4.5 second (or 3 GCD). Very very great burst. The biggest hit is 5k which is not really that great, but they still did 16000 damage in 4.5 seconds so its indeed burst.
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