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10.05.2012 , 07:50 PM | #177
the reason im so cynical abouyt speed hacking is cause ive been called hacks on plenty of occasions when its clearly me just using in game skills and mechanics,

Example 1: huttball, Carnage spec marauder, ball carrier had 30 stacks of fury up as well as skill to immediately give 30 stacks of fury off cd,

what happene
d: Popped predation at our end zone pit, leapt to guy near middle, covered 50m in a time of 4 seconds, popped predation as first one ran out was near last fire pit to score line, leapt to guy coming out of spawn

What happened after game
: had 3 people log on their imperial toons to tell me that what a sad player i was for hacking and they were reporting me for speed /teleport hacks

Example 2: No reaction speed hack, again on carnage spec marauder:

Skill Name berserk
: consumes 30 stacks of fury to grant 6 charges of berserk that reduces GCD of Slash and Massacre by 0.5 seconds

What happened:
Killed a healer sorc in 5 seconds flat , combination of Gore(off GCD) and 5 massacres

What happened afrter game: Had him rant in fleet about how i was using no GCD hacks as my toon was attacking too fast to seem natural

Example 3: Happend to a guilde who runs a Vengance juggernaught.

Skill name: unstoppable : grants 100% cc immunity for 4 seconds after force leap

What happened
Ball carrier in huttball leaps to guy at their end zone, 2 shadows and one vanguard try and pull him off, doesn't work cause he has said buff up

What happened after: people log on their imp chars and proceed to call my guild a hacking guild because we are now using un CCable hacks

Example 4 : playing with a sorc friend of mine, again in huttball, about to score but get pulled into fire pit, sorc friend immediately life grips me away.

What happened aftrer: Teleport hacks man, i am apparently using it

So forgive me if i dont believe any of the posts in this thread.

PLEASE NOTE: for all the examples i was using vent voice chat to get key information thru , as in: "O**** IM IN THE FIRE. *********** LIFE GRIP ME BRO", would be an accurate reconstruction of said conversation.