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Inelegant Rage Rant
Now, here you go and tell everyone to "Come at me bros" and when somebody challenges your blatantly false statement that "SS is garbage for PvP", you immediately get all butthurt? Ar...Are you serious? So I attempt to list my experience as a means to show you that I am not some NOOB, but you interpret that as "throwing it in everyone's face"? Oh...but you turn right around and post YOUR credential in the (I actually laughed at that, btw. Then I realized you WERE being serious.) Finally, you took my statements as some referendum against DF when in fact I am simply saying that SS and DF serve different roles and set out to establish so. End. Stop. You on the other hand seem to be trying awful hard to de-legitimize one spec in preference for yours based on conjecture. I am sure that I am not alone when I say that you look and sound very disingenuous right about now and I think I am being trolled.

Be that as it may, I will still respond to the more intelligent in this forum.

Compared to SharpShooter/Marksmanship, Dirty Fighting/Lethality has no burst. Go do some parses on a dummy before you make an ignorant statement like that. SS/MM's rotation starts the same except they can spec into Independent Anarchy/Explosive Engineering for +10-15% damage to Sabo Charge/Explosive Probe AND Sharp Aim/Precision Ambush for 20% Armor Bypass on Aim Shot/Ambush. Right there you are already behind because even if you spec into one, you won't get the other.

From there, you do Wounding Shots/Cull...but have not loaded the target up with bleeds/poisons, so your vaunted Wounding Shots/Cull does a whopping base damage of 1635 over 3 seconds. Literally half the damage of Burst Volley/Series of Shots. As for me, I do an instant (read: no channel) Charged Burst/Snipe b/c of Snap Shot for 3059 base and another instant (read: no channel) Trickshot/Followthrough for 1617. A medium/light armored target is at 30% at that point, so I do ANOTHER instant (read: no channel) Takedown for 4089 base.

Even if a DF/Leth did the same amount of dmg with both Sabo & Aim Shot (which they can't), SS/MM did 7130 base damage more than a channeled and gimped Wounding Shots. If you start talking about DoTing up the target, go ahead. If they are a healer, the DoTs get cleansed. If they are another sniper, SS has a 20-25 meter range advantage on all their abilities vs. your 10 meter range for Wounding Shots/Cull AND Hemorrhaging Blast/Weakening Blast. So basically, by claiming that you are doing the same or more burst in your DF as a SS, you are essentially telling the community that you were actuality, very very bad at SS.