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In that case, your argument is just as faulty. So because YOU haven't seen someone cheat/hack/exploit means that no one has ever done so?
I've probably done over 2000 warzones without seeing hacking. That makes me think it's pretty rare. I definitely don't think it's rife. If it was I'd have seen it. It isn't. I have seen the occasional bug, and experienced them myself (i.e. stealthed with ball in huttball - not something I engineered, just happened once).

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Right.. because you're the authority on these sorts of things. Maybe if your font color was yellow or whatever the BW posts are, then you'd have some authority.
But hey, you don't have to believe me. Just go on youtube and look for yourself, there are plenty of examples of people using hacks in PvP, and plenty of instances where players have gotten banned for using said exploits/hacks.
There are plenty of people who will claim they can sell you hacks, because they want stupid people's money, and there are some vids dated back in Jan/early Feb latest (after which Bioware fixed the speedhack). Google results aren't evidence for heaven's sake. I notice you didn't say you had any videos of this widespread hacking yourself. Because that would be interesting.

If you don't, you're simply parroting baseless rumours, and I call it that because my own extensive experience tells me otherwise.
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