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Crafting Breakdown

1) First realize you are only going to make money selling lower level items (sub 45)
2) Pick which type of low level items you will specialize in (Armoring / Barrel / Hilt / Implant / etc)
3) Start with the lowest level of whatever item you chose. Pick the best one for a DPS
4) Craft several and RE til you get the specific blue version you want. If you don't know which one that is, find out. You won't make any money selling items with Presence added, when the next guy is adding Power
5) Craft several of the desired blue and RE until you get the desired purple
6) Now you have your first item for sale. It could be a level 10 STR armoring. Now repeat the steps 3 more times and get the desired level 10 purple armoring for WIL, CUN, AIM
7) Now you have all 4 DPS armorings for level 10. Move up to the next level, 14 or whatever it is. Repeat the process.

Expand your schematics and get a variety out there. If your prices are right, you will get repeat customers as people level up. And one thing about pricing, its very very rare to be able to purchase materials off the GTN and still make a profit. People sell low level supplies for too high of a price and ruin this potential tactic.

Get all of your toons gathering the same needed materials. Log back and forth every 10 minutes and send them all out on the same mission for whatever you need. Build up a vast supply of level 1 stuff, then level 2, then 3 and so on.
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