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Haven't seen a speedhacker in a long time. Though I have no idea what is attributed to hacking or just plain garbage coding, in Huttball people still drop through the catwalks into the pit, and my force leap puts me down there with them, they shake a little and then they are back on the upper catwalk, if they were never down there, why did my leap put me there with them? Hmmm...I guess my post is just full of random gibberish and my own thoughts typed out. lol ignore.
I just saw a couple of them a few minutes ago, in two separate matches (one in Huttball and the other in NC). They were moving incredibly fast the entire time, and had the tell-tale shimmer/blinking toon phenomena. I couldn't even target them. Very frustrating, and so I just gave up to check the forums. The devs really need to do something about this, or else more people will eventually leave PVP and the game altogether.