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These are the Dayz of Master D

Episode 4

Scene 1

Nurse Hitgirl, bulging bossum threatening to burst forth from a very tight and skimpy nurses outfit, leans over dangerously to coo into a microphone,
Calling Dr Shiki, calling Dr Shiki
please come to ward 17 stat.

Dr Shiki, Chief of Sith surgery @ Martyr General Hospital and Crematoria examines the
Nerdrage is on life support, unconscious on a bed surrounded by machines that go ping, ventilators, heart monitors, a drip etc.
Things are looking grim..

Nurse Hitgirl: (breathlessly) Will he pull thru doctor?
Dr Shiki: (tears his eyes away from her capacious bossum) I dont know, honestly this is the worst case of Backpeddling and Keyboard turning I have ever seen...
Nurse Hitgirl: Bites her knuckle and frowns, no one notices though...just the *****...

Scene 2

Xaiden, exhausted, has crested the mountain top in search of The Master.
Cross legged on the Mountain top with a backdrop of clouds below him sits Qar.

Qar: You have found me my Son, what is it you seek?
Xaiden: Tell me the secret of tanking Oh Great one
Qar: Taunt them you must, mmm yes, Taunt them, hmmm...
Xaiden: And then what oh magnificent one?
Qar: Guard them you will, yes guard them strongly will you.
Xaiden: I do as you instruct oh font of purest wisdom, is there anything else ?
Qar: Yes..
Xaiden: Tell me oh munificent one

(Que Kenny Rogers, The Gambler ..)
You have to know when to guard them, know when to leave them,
know when to walk away and know when to run,
you never count your victory while your playing at the match still
you can count your coms, when the game is done...

Tune in next week for another excting and twisted episode of the world famous GUILD DRAMA

Dayz of Master D

Disclaimer: All characters are entirley fictional and any resemblance to real characters is co-incidental and soley for the purposes of good humour.
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