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Focus tree is gimmicky and easy to counter. Combat is still the most powerful pvp spec. If you cannot kill sentinels as a vanguard, then you lack the skill required. Period. Reducing the range on thermal detonator and inc missle is not a nerf If you are competent with the class. A guy on my ranked team is 100 valor rank 2140 pyro Powertech, and he still outworks and outplays other players. Especially focus spec maras. Stop blaming BW on your shortcomings as a player.
I lack of defensive skills. A sentinel can use Saber ward and that stupid "u deal me 4dmg per hit lol" buff. And they can slow me, and force charge, and grip. I can't kite them to have them in my 10m range.

And they have: INSPIRATION.

What do i have? My stupid shield. "25% less damage" seems ok but when u see the saber Ward effect "deflect, deflect, deflect, deflect" or the Consular shield "absorb, absorb, absorb, absorb" it's like ****.