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10.05.2012 , 05:28 PM | #24
I've been saying for awhile that a Hold the Line type ability granting immunity to leaps, pulls, and most importantly interrupts as well as giving a speed boost, put into the upper tiers of the Gunnery/Arsenal tree would do wonders for performance in PVP, would differentiate us from Snipers and in general would make the class more fun AND more viable. Simply granting us the CM Energy Shield buff won't be enough because of its cooldown.

They ALSO need to address Heavy Armor in this game because right now outside of a tank stance the DR provided by armor alone is pretty garbage, especially since BW often boosts the lighter armor classes to make up for their "deficiency".

Unfortunately I've also come to the conclusion that BW just isn't listening and just doesn't care. After the last patch it's certain they don't understand how the spec works.
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