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It varies between classes. I was farming EC HM gear, and still had to buy about 8 BH healer boots (as an arsenal merc) for the mods I needed because the campaign gear was so badly itemized.

For everyone except pretty succesful raid groups, you'd be in full 61 mod gear (barring weapons) quicker by sucking up BH commendations than by braving EC HM.

Many raid groups STILL havent cleared EC HM, yet pretty much all non-raiding players in the 5 man pugs are sporting full 61 mods. What does that tell you?

There are many well thought out things in this game. Gear progression and gear itemization are not among them, in my opinion.
Aye, totally agree with ya.
I know that every MMO have a grinding feature and i support them ofc but with this new approach to end content gear, this game has just turned itself to be the most grindable game i saw till date for the end gear.
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