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10.05.2012 , 04:20 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by NogueiraA View Post
Are you complaining about Evade? Do you saw how OP sniper's are?
Let's see your defensives cooldowns:

1 - Shield Probe: 15 seconds absorbing damage, 45s CD.
2 - Evade: 3 seconds of 100% Melee and Ranged, 1 min CD.
3 - Debilitate: Stun the target for 4 secs, 45secs CD.
4 - Flash Bang: CC 5 targets for 8 SECONDS, breaks on damage, 1min CD.
5 - Entrench: Immune to ALL controlling efects, can't be cc'd, moved, knockbacked. You are untouchable, 1min CD.
6 - I consider Leg Shot an defensive abilitie.. Immobilize the target for 5 seconds, 15secs CD.
7 - Ballistic Shield: Reduce damage taken in 20% for 15 seconds, 3min CD.
8 - Cover Pulse: throw enemies to the moon and IMMOBILIZE THEM FOR 5 SECS, 30secs CD.
9 - If you are Marksmanship you have a talent which gives you a knockback from Ambush.

Really... You need learn how to play.
1. It absorbs very little, 2.5k or smthing. It's half jugg smash.
2. it's ok, but 1 min is really long. Almost no practical use. Operatives have more use for it.
3. distance is 4 meters, for a sniper..... should I say more?
4. yeah, this one is good too. But again, cooldown is long. Sniper can't use it repeatedly during 1 fight.
5. entrench is easily noticable, just leave that sniper where he is. He is not moving, he is not invincible there.
6. yes, leg shot is op atm. 5sec root with no resolve.
7. 3 min cd is too long, compare that to warriors defensive cooldowns.
8. not to the moon, just 10 meters away. damage dealt is reducing root time to 2 secs.
9. ambush is noticable, just stay 10 meters away to avoid knockback

I'm not saying that sniper does not have cc, but it's not OP (leg shot maybe, it badly needs some resolve added)