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10.05.2012 , 04:18 PM | #27
Gonna come at you bro. SS while I fully admit is not the most effective damage dealing spec, nothing and I mean nothing can finish a target faster when they are low on health. I LOL at you guys saying SS is not mobile. What game are you playing? I am constantly CCing, protecting the healer, having to use the 4m stun to peel of a teammate, having to peel for myself, I am all over the place. I guess if your style is to trench in and just pew pew low HP targets GS and SS would suck for you.The instant Burst shot, no cooldown on your shield def thingie and quickdraw which can be used out of cover should be an obvious signs SS is meant to be played as a mobile class not intrenched up like an idiot. But your only playing half the class. We are just as much support as we are DPS if played correctly with our various CC's and high burst potential. I never chase a low HP target, if I have removed them from the fighting area while they run 30m away and heal, I have done my job. If I hit a node and start AS,BS and QD all the low HP targets, cc the attackers on my healer, peel for my teammates I def won't have as much damage as say the Sentinel beside me, but I made one hell of a difference, while he mostly gave the enemy healer free medals.

Gunslingers and snipers can be game changers if played correctly. Maras and the like, not so much. Just my opinion tho.