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First off, you obviously don't read forums that much. There was a thread not too long after 1.3 where people said "WOW FULL BH GEAR JUST AS GOOD AS CAMPAIGN GEAR WITHOUT STEPPING INTO HM EC DA*** BIOWARE?!" (cause of augments and easy BH comms).
Actually i come to forums every single day and i aint talking talking or arguing with the BH comms being equal to campaign gear, yes that is an issue but my post wasnt about that at all, l2read.

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Second off, gee maybe Bioware wants you not to blow through this content like you did the other patches. So they can get you off their asses for a few months until 1.5. So ya stop ************. If you're guild is hardcore, then maybe you all should be thrilled about DOWING THE FIRST BOSS AND NOT WORRYING ABOUT LOOT!
You will see how well you will cope with that when ull be farming TFB HM for over 5-6 months without a new op popping up or better yet if they do realease a new op will be still be stuck on old content cause plain and simple you couldnt equip your guild faster than that cause the loot numbers dnt allow for a faster gearing up. We will see about how the supposed "hardcore players have no interest in loot" will still be moralized to keep farming every single day the same content.
I was glad with the progression on EC HM and i was glad with the loot numbers but after 1-2 months later we still need campaign drops from there and what im seeing now is that instead of 2-3 months farming an op i will be stucked to farm TFB HM for 5-6 months and you say that is a good thing? Right...
Look i aint saying for them to throw me 4 pieces of gear man, im saying that only 1 loot drop isnt clearly enough and you agreeing that it is just shocks me to the bone, killing a boss is a REWARD BY ITSELF BUT IT ISNT EVERYTHING!!
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