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it sucks when you first meet them they are the coolest sith ever now there renagades trying to kill both empire and sith kinda seems like red reeper FP i was kinda hoping to have them as an ally like getting missions from them and all
They aren't typical renegades per se. The saw a power vacuum in the Empire and merely stepped in to fill it. They believe the current Empire is weak though and want to purge the weakness and rebuild from the ashes as well as destroy the Republic once and for all.

As soon as you freed them and they displayed their power you had to know it was going to come back and bite us in the butt eventually.

I wish BW would get away from our Imperial BAMFs being more of a threat to the Empire(see;Sith Emperor,Darth Malgus,Dread Masters) and let some of them start to put the hurt on the Republic. I know they do it so they don't have to create new bosses and Operations for each faction, but it's getting to become too predictable.
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