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10.05.2012 , 03:59 PM | #70
Well, I have had exactly zero problems with SWTOR graphics performance until patch 1.4.0b. Raided TFB the nights of 9/30, 10/1 with graphics on high and smooth as always, did not play until last night (Thursday 10/4) in a 16-man TFB op and frame rate was crazy bad. Dropped everything to lowest possible performance, and it made it marginally better. Another player in our ops group who just got a brand new rig about 3 weeks ago reported the same problems (he had no problems prior to 1.4.0b, then whammo, stuttering like I was experiencing.

After the raid, I discovered this thread and have applied the fixes suggested, and will see how it goes.

My rig has 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 580, Win 7 64, and ZERO problems prior to 1.4.0b.

How the heck can what appears to be a minor patch break something fundamental like this?

I have hung in there since the beginning. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

EDIT: So I did the steps in this thread, and it fixed my problems.