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Check forums every single day and i never saw a zerg of posts complaining bout this. Saw QQers and Trolls whinning for everything really but zerg of posts reguarding too much loot? Nope

M8y u missed my point entirelly, i dnt mind farming the same content for 6 months if theres still players to equip themselves but we want to do that cause we want to, not because we need to, since the gaming company just thought to themselves "Hey lets take out loot drops from the tables and increase the life of this operation". This isnt how loot designs should be made man and this will cause peeps to get bored to go inside that op since only 1/8th of the op will be rewarded to actually kill a boss. EC NM introducing Dread guard gear is more of the same crappy loot tables theory but i can live with that. The problem here is putting peeps out of motivation to go in there due to the extreme low number on loot drops.

Again youre not thinking for a minute here and youre just raging around. Put it on the same plate the 1st boss on EC HM and the 1st Boss on TFB HM. Now, EC HM 1st boss drops 2 pieces of campaign and 1 BH while 1st boss in TFB HM drops only 1 piece of hazmat and not even Dread guard. The same 8 guys in EC will take in 8 weeks to have 2 pieces of campaign gear and a third BH while in TFB HM ull have after the same 8 weeks 1 piece of Hazmat?!
Seriously youre not seeing a bad pattern??? Its a difference 3 to 1? And you dnt see a problem here??Seriously.
I could even live with only 2 drops for example, 1 DG and 1 Hazmat but only 1 and not even DG???

You must be confusing me with the zillion trolls that are/were around in these forums. Go and look my posting history, if theres a common pattern in my speech between all of the +40-50 posts/replys ive made so far, was to defend SWTOR and its potential.
This is my 1st post making a critic on this game, they touched on something they dnt needed to touch. The loot quantity was balanced. The loot tier drops were crap but we can perfectly live with that.
Those that whine cause they geared up fast are/were just trolling.
And i would appreciate it m8y if you would take the sarcasm out of your replys, i believe you dnt have the need for it. You arent replying to a hater here man, chill.
First off, you obviously don't read forums that much. There was a thread not too long after 1.3 where people said "WOW FULL BH GEAR JUST AS GOOD AS CAMPAIGN GEAR WITHOUT STEPPING INTO HM EC DA*** BIOWARE?!" (cause of augments and easy BH comms). Second off, gee maybe Bioware wants you not to blow through this content like you did the other patches. So they can get you off their asses for a few months until 1.5. So ya stop ************. If you're guild is hardcore, then maybe you all should be thrilled about DOWING THE FIRST BOSS AND NOT WORRYING ABOUT LOOT!
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