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Know i'm late to this thread and also knowing it's a complaint about not being able to Queue for both PVP and PVE continuously at the same time..

However, from the first few pages i read and the last... and also seeing how the people complained a lot about Waiting times for PVE queue's.

My questions - Does no one in MMO's try to form a group outside of the Group Finder?
Stop waiting and make some PVP/PVE friends
With the sharp decline in population and consolidation of servers, a lot of people are forced to make new friends.

The best way to meet those people is to be paired up with them. The alternative is general being a scrolling wall of LFG spam.

With the group finder, I can be on any planet, doing anything (that i'm not already grouped for) and get a group.

It also rewards players for using it to find a group by offering very lucrative rewards of daily and blackhole comms.