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oooo nice post jholiday. I want to try

1. some mitigation, sometimes I think right?
2. slowest reposting, useless leep
3. uhhh cooldowns. there are a few but they are garbage. blade something? force something else? it lowers ur threat and causes ur party to wipe
worst tank
good dps
looks like classical mmo tank type with good outfit

In the end you can tank any content with any of the tanks. Yes the juggernaut is much worse than the other 2 but he is still good enough most of the time if he is played by a really good player. The thing that slows down the juggernaut is there are fewer really good players than one would like. There are a lot of crappy juggernaut tanks that are pretty borderline that are played by people who think they are good though. Unless the situation gets tricky cross ur fingers and hope it's enough.

powertech is easiest tank and since all tanks are good enough that means he is usually best tank.

Assassin is the best tank but that almost never happens. Sometimes he is the worst tank no matter what like on the foreman that crushes dudes.
I numbered the points you made regarding the 3 tank ACs and have some comments to add:
1. Jugg mitigation - lots of defense but chance of shielding is very low compared to Assassins
2. Leap - hardly useless if you use it correctly
3. Defensive Cooldowns - there are some good ones actually ( but they have a ridiculous cd time, 90 seconds, 120 seconds ) such as Invincible, Saber Ward, Endure Pain.

Overall I'd say that Assassins have the best active survivability - their defensive cooldowns are boss - but that Juggernauts have a higher passive survivability. The only issue is that if you're doing HM EC or HM TfB you're not newb enough to be only relying on passive mitigation, so the Assassin has a clear advantage. The only advantage I can think of that a Jug has compared to a Tanksassin is that Jugs have more abilities that raise their threat - seriously, anyone who can't hold threat as a Jug is really really really bad.

P.S: Enraged Defense? The ability that causes you to lose aggro? That's meant to help with tank swaps or solo play, it's not something any player with half a brain would misuse and cause a wipe with.
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