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I've only just heard of this now from this thread and... I kinda hope not. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for new classes, but in what universe does fist beat lightsaber?
The same universe where sword (since that's what a lightsaber is, in all honesty) beats gun. We're talking about a space faring fantasy game here. We're allowed to abandon certain pretexts in the name of the "Rule of Cool" as long as it makes sense within the understood rules of the genre and the game universe. Unarmed combat (or, at least, fist weapon combat) makes sense under both of those conditions: Teras Kasi Masters and Echani Fighters are both non-Force using light armored melee combatants that have strong traditions of unarmed combat that are supposed to be able to compete with the abilities of Jedi and, within the confines of fantasy combat, monks are supposed to be able to take on anyone.

It's also important to note that each base class within TOR represents a specific character in universe. This isn't WoW, where everyone is pretty much an average Joe with a disparate background that decides to start fighting (except for Death Knights). In TOR, troopers are, explicitly, the friggin' best soldier in the entire Republic military and Smugglers are absurdly lucky and skilled on the level of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. The Force users are good (re: amazing), but they're not the absolute best of their respective disciplines (I don't think anyone claims that their Jedi is supposed to be stronger than Malgus, the Emperor, Satele Shan, the Dread Lords, Revan, etc.). The game-world balance requires that the *absolute best* in a non-Force using field be able to compete with exceptional (but not "best") members of the Force-using combat disciplines. So, if you're the wunderkind Teras Kasi or Echani fighter, it would make sense for you to be able to face off against even very good Jedi. You're the best of the best in what you do; they're just the best at what they do. It makes sense for a nominally "underpowered" discipline or fighting style be able to face off against a more potent variety.
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