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oh yay another elitist, and looking at your comments in this thread you really are an insultive one, not everyone spends 24h a day playing games mate, and i only tried it around the time it came out, haven't done the nerfed version yet. but ye, laughable, i hope you don't talk to your friends like that too, and excuse me for being a casual.
I am not an elitist, this is my first MMO, almost a year, but I am still learning. I do however consider the nerf to LI and SM EC ridiculous. Why does everything in the game have to be easy mode? I like a little challenge. I like the risk of dying once in a while. Now EC SM does not really bug me, since have already been there done that, but LI does. I do 6 days of mind numbing healing in HM FP, why can't I actually have one day of a little challenge? What drives me even crazier, I was the worse healer ever the first 2 times I did HM LI, I swore I would never go back, but guild needed a healer so I reluctantly went for more abuse. 3rd and 4th were better and before I knew it we were one shotting the entire thing, but I still knew not moving fast enough or someone missing an interrupt meant possible death. It just always felt like I accomplished something when we finished, like I earned those comms. Now it will just be like every other HM FP, go spend some time there collect my comms. They just will not feel earned.